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Baby / Toddler Silk Comforter (Heavy)

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Baby / Toddler Silk Comforter (Heavy)

Wrapped with a 100% pure combed cotton and filled with 100% premium long mulberry silk, our silk comforters offer a natural option to keep your little one cozy and comfortable through the night.

This silk comforter can also be used as a throw.

We recommend using a duvet (comforter) cover to protect and prolong the use of the silk comforter.

Our silk comforters have strategically placed loops along the corners to attach onto our duvet covers to prevent bunching or shifting within the duvet covers. If you choose not to use our duvet cover, you can sew buttons onto your own duvet cover or choose not to utilize the loops at all.

To assure our customers of the 100% mulberry silk filling, a discreet zipper opening along one of the comforters edges allows our customers to inspect the filling without damaging the silk comforter.


Size • 48" x 54"
Weight • 1.4 lbs (Fill Only) / 2.55 lbs (Fill & Shell)
Shell • 100% Combed Cotton
Filling • 100% Long Mulberry Silk
Color • White

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